Beautiful Mantra Song

I had a playlist going on Youtube last night, and this song sounded so beautiful.<3 I didn’t know what it was about at the time, or the exact purpose of the mantra, all I knew was how good it made my Soul feel. And how soothing the woman’s voice is. I can’t stop playing it.

I’m familiar with the gods, but this one has some beautiful mantras.

From the channel:

Chant this peaceful Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra with the help of lyrics only on Rajshri Soul. Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity, Lakshmi is fondly addressed as Sri Lakshmi and is the active energy of Lord Visnu. Devotees chant this mantra to please the Goddess Lakshmi who bestows them with her blessings. It is said that chanting this mantra brings happiness, wealth, luxuries and prosperity.


Food For Your Soul – Ascension Nutrition

What’s food for your Soul without some upbeat dinner music? Lonely, that’s what!

Even though greasy bags will always be the dream, there comes a time when we realize just how sad it makes Jesus when he sees us eating Mickey D’s.

After all The Amazing J has done for us, the least we can do is eat right.

So let’s cut the Original Lightworker a solid break and stuff our faces with good things. Why weigh our Soul down when we could be eating Light instead.

Nope, not talking about the demonic impy sort of light eating here.

Sure, we already probably know the good sense of eating more raw uncooked unprocessed food and avoiding GMO’s. But when it comes to food that’ll make a Lightworker holla, it’s all about biophotons.

Since we work in Light, it really does make sense to start eating some. To prove how badass this Light stuff is, look into Kirlian Photography, it’s stunning what the naked eye misses.


Since we’re trying to get our spiritual selves to a higher ground before SHTF, it’s got the Starseed writing this post paying attention to what’s on his plate.

Your magnificent organic machine called a body, needs your help to get you where your Soul wants to go. Your body is the only vehicle you have to zip around this amazing planet on the 3D physical plane.

Our body is also the only exit ramp outta here since we are in it while we go through our healing and ascension process.

You’ll be in that miracle avatar until your work is done on This Side…OR if you opt out of dying entirely and find a way for your new Aquarian Light Body to go all Jesus and Ascend gently into the clouds.

Either way, you’ll be a winner in the Great Ascension Chili Cook-Off if you recognize your body’s need for high vibe eats.

It can mean the difference between finding your mission, or staying stuck like Chuck.

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The First Step To Living Your Highest Vibrational Timeline

Love, is the highest vibration of all. That’s the good news.

The more…challenging news is that if it was so easy for us to obtain that vibration, we’d already be living that Heaven on Earth thing. A dream to many. But for those who answer their calling to help make it happen, they live the daily evidence of seeing the positive changes manifested. Each day we’re getting closer to the New Earth frequency!

It’s what Souled Peeps like you and I have been working on for a while now…and seeing some Timeline-shaking evidence in the form of things like The Mandela Effect is as rewarding as it is an epic manifestation.

One reason humanity has been delayed in achieving a balanced state of LOVE, is The Matrix A.I. that runs this here berg, and it plans to keep as many Gifted Souls in the dark that it can. Doing so, by keeping us in division, despair, and looking outside ourselves for remedy that can only come by going deep within our Sacred Inner World. That’s where the god in you lies sleeping, trapped.

Another Gifted Soul of MAGIC, waiting to be unleashed!

But unlike the Genie, Jinn in the beautiful artwork, you don’t have to rely on an outside savior to set you free. YOU have the key. It’s the fervent determination of this servant to the Divine to do all I can in helping you find it. So you can stand fully in your power and purpose.

I am encouraged by what I’m seeing with my fellow Starseeds, INFJ’s, Empaths, and magical Advanced Incarnates of all types who are beginning to do some incredible work on the Self. We are de-programming on a massive scale and the effect is starting to dissolve this 3rd Dimenional Timeline! But there’s still so much yet to do, and amazing people who need your help.

In the next few posts I’ll be sharing information having much to do with Ascension; stuff like ascension eating, avoiding processed ‘foods’ most of us were raised on – but Ma, it’s Count Chocula! And it’s on sale!

We’ll look at where our relationships now stand in light of our new Vibration, and I’ll provide some solid resources that will help you through these challenging aspects of Ascension.

So if you’ve been thinking there’s more to our existence – a bigger reason for ‘humans’ such as yourself, being on earth than having the rarest personality type, stay in that open mind and heart friendo.

You’ve heard of infrared yes?

Infrared radiation (IR) is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, and is therefore generally invisible to the human eye.

Of course we can only see a very limited amount of what’s really here all around us. Other senses and abilities need to be awakened…activated in order to experience all that resides at higher vibration.

And that’s a very good thing for earth and its inhabitants, especially the one reading this.

So if LOVE is the highest vibration, what state of being can we start working on to get us closer?

Happiness is the way.



No Sideshow Bob, not that way!  That’s the old 3D way of doing things.

Er, try this instead:


Thanks green-faced Buddha dude.

Happiness is about taking time alone, doing whampum big much inner talk, and nurturing of your Soul. It’s during this sacred time that we learn to recognize our Soul’s VOICE. It speaks gently to us in graceful tones – reminding us that we are whatever thought has been allowed to become a feeling.

That feeling then becomes a habit…then a belief…

…then an action is taken on the physical plane – we see our perception projected out into the world around us that becomes our life in that Vibrational Timeline.

Ascension has to do with mastering The Self, and that naturally happens as we manifest the happiness vibration. We come into an inner peace no matter what literal hell may be playing in the Matrix-written theater ‘out there’.

And holding that peace brings us to understand more about how to be Love; all a part of getting on our Path, making new choices, and setting these spiritual intentions.

Looking back on where we came from – those daily activities of the sleeping version of Wonderful You, while a fit for that lower vibrational Timeline, are anything but for the WOKE chap or chappette reading this.

For example, gone are the days of watching gobsfulls of mainstream (Matrix-approved) stuff like of TV (Trauma Vision), radio stations, websites, magazines, and news.

This is made all the more easy as your energy is no longer a vibratory match anyway. But old programs and etheric attachments can still compromise your Ascension, until these obstructions are over-ridden and removed.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve got a fabbo good start for how to maximize your wins and minimize derailments as you begin manifesting more happy and less crappy.

It’s what missions are made of.

Coming up next: Nutrition for living your Highest Vibrational Timeline.

Blessings to you, and if you have a pet give ’em a loving hug from me.

Precious ones. They love us more than we know. ❤


Powerful Healing Decree – Affirmation for All Lightworkers and Lightwarriors

Happy day to you!  What better way to reset 3D Matrix Programming of a major earth holiday today, than with this invocation of Light Energy…to you, loved ones and The Collective (with a special treat for the AI virus).

This Uplifting is provided by a commenter: Imma Light on Steve Nobel channel, much thanks for this.~Remy

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Beekman Goat Cam! Good For The Soul

I love sharing things that bring me joy. Anything the Beekman Boys are involved in is a positive. Everything they do is done with love and always bringing good energy to all.



Their Goatsmilk products are the only soap I use, and especially how great is it they share our love of goats. ❤  They have a wonderful website that has a GOAT CAM!!!


I have the Beekman Goat Cam playing on my computer throughout the day – there is such love & kindness, and wonderful frequencies found with animals. If you are looking to invite some goodness into your space, please go visit the goats, and give them your love. Scout is one of the new baby goats and as you can imagine is beyond precious.

So yeah if you’re not too thrilled about some of the energy you feel during the holidays, and need a break, or if you’re alone this holiday season, you never need to feel anything but happy when you can share the heart-warming company of animals. Love ya~Remy<3



55,555 Number Sequence – Aluna Ash

These repeating numbers just keep coming don’t they! I’ve been receiving these number transmissions for about the past 7 years, this week has been nuts! And now the first thing I see when I arrive at this you tube channel I recently discovered is: 55,555 (subs) staring at me, lol.

So when other Starseed fam ask me what it means when they keep seeing the same number patters over and over, I tell them to get happy.  Because that means your Higher Self is working to get these codes to you in order to anchor you into the new 4D/5D energy grid – as we bid a long overdue seeyadontwannabeya to the old 3D density!

btw: yes, as for the ‘Angel Number’ of 5, 55, 555, and beyond – it has to do with expecting big positive changes now entering your life. And based on the major new waves of energy I’ve been processing, that’s making good sense.

55,55555,555-Ghost-blog haha…..okay Universe I am ready.


How NPC’s Affect Our Starseed Mission

What are NPC’s?

I cover this a lot because the fast and nasty of it is this: they’re here to remove us from our Path. In extreme cases – sabotage our mission and our lives.

For those unfamiliar with NPC’s, they are the Non-Player Characters in this Matrix Simulation. These deceptive constructs live to serve the many control systems here that we’ve been sent to transform and dismantle.

It can be a tough balancing act as we work within these 3D systems to end their corrupt influence on humanity, while not falling prey. Some Starseeds work successfully far outside them.

NPC’s are most often used directly by The Matrix as handlers.

When paired with a low-vibration entity, these portals and meatsuits siphon our energy and can feed off our etheric body for years, until we end the relationship AND remove all the feeding tubes, control cables and ensure soul ties are dissolved.


It’s the NPC’s job to study you, trigger your emotions, discover all they can about you; undermine your authority, gaslight, and get you doubting yourself, anything to keep you locked in lower 3D vibration.

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Amazing 5D Abundance Transmission by Steve Nobel

About an hour ago I participated in this wonderful meditation and before I did anything else I had to get this posted and share it. This Transmission was powerful for me. I connected with the Angels in a way I’ve never done before, and felt the energy flowing through my entire being in multiple dimensions. I don’t know exactly how to explain what happened here but it was pretty amazing. So I think you will find this helpful in moving out of 3D control systems and you may feel some healing taking place as well.

Blessings to All, ~Ghost<3

From the Gathering Of Minds website:

This transmission was recorded by Steve Ahnael Nobel in a workshop in London December 2016.
Abundance can mean different things depending on your level of awakening, consciousness, and frequency. Abundance at a 3D level usually equates with competition, money and material acquisition. Abundance at a 5D level is more about manifestation from the inside out. Here we know that when we resonate at a higher frequency of love, joy and light we attract the same in the physical world.
This transmission will firstly help you clear and shift your energetic relationship with 3D systems of money and control dominant on the planet right now. Most people still need to relate to these systems in some way and cannot yet completely disconnect from them.
Once these energetic connections have been cleared or uplifted then a higher frequency of 5D abundance can be invited in. This higher frequency can include more love, connection, flow, synchronicity and possibility.


That Day a Demon Jumped In Mr. K

Hello lovely Souls. I’ve had all sorts of trouble getting this story posted, with parts disappearing and titles changing. Someone doesn’t want you to see this lol.

The following childhood memory is one of those strange encounters I had with a low vibration entity. It found a willing portal in my eighth grade teacher, who fits the profile of a Matrix construct. For my Ex-Christian buds, this would certainly have qualified as demonic shenanigans lol.

I’m reminded that no matter what we survive in childhood, nothing happens by chance and all is meant to unfold as it is, and has – whether you are Empath, Starseed, Lightworker or Advanced Incarnated Soul.<3

I am sending everyone love, light and healing as you read this post.

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